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Soma (carisoprodol) 350mg has been the best sinew relaxer that my Doctor has ever granted me and I have endeavoured them all. They are not encased, a bit hard to ingest and flavour absolutly alarming but are very worth these setbacks. They don't distressed me even when taken on an empmty stomach. I would highly suggest talking with your Doctor on endeavouring this medication as it has been a marvel pharmaceutical for me. I take it with Tramadol (for pain) and the blend has worked better for me than Vicodin. Bikerhoney

Soma has been a life saver. I have had back agony and sinew spasms for years due to a vehicle wreck and it really holds me out of agony and permits me doze and get relief.

I have had cronic back agony and sinew spasms for over 5 years and so far this has been the best medication to help give me nearly entire relief. Just be very cautious utilising it, it is addictive.

I have had difficulties with arthritis and degenerative computer disc infection in my back and neck for over 18 years and have had to use sinew relaxers often. I have endeavoured Tizanidine, Robaxin, Skelexin and now Soma. My new rheumatologist prescribed it and I seem it works the best out of all the sinew relaxers I have tried. I don't appear to have any side effects to talk of. I need four orthopedic surgeries and Soma has assisted my agony tolerance.

just begun takin this med - have read remarks and certain do wish it works for me - have had 2 soinal fusions and can't find a med to work.